Publix 12/03

My deals at Publix on 12/03. You still have until Tuesday to grab these deals yourself!

This week I needed certain fresh items that don't usually have a manufactors coupon. I had a special offer this week so I chose to shop for these items in combination with that offer.

I transferred a prescription to Publix and received a $25 gift card. I then used this gift card to pay for my purchases. I also had a Publix coupon for $5 off of $20 purchase.

Publix large eggs 6ct $0.70
Alfalfa Sprouts $1.89
Publix Milk $3.69
Cucumber $0.65
Cheddar Cheese Kaiser Rolls $2.88
French Hamburger Rolls $3.49
2 Taxmicos Tortilla Shells BOGO $1.99
Todays Harvest $3.49
Publix Cereal $2.69
Hormel Pepperoni $1.99
Publix Deli Turkey $2.00


Egg Beaters $1.67 - $1.00 Coupon = $0.67
Sorrento Riccottta $2.59 - $1.00 Coupon = $1.59
2 Fresh Express Salads $3.99 BOGO - $2.00 Coupons = $0.99 each
2 Tollhouse Cookies BOGO $3.19 - $2.50 Coupons = $0.69 each

I know I didn't use that many coupons but sometimes you just have to buy things you don't have a coupon for! For this reason, I luckily shopped for these items when I had a Publix coupon and gift card.

I paid $2.81 total. Still, not bad! :)


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