Target 1/3 - 1/9

4 Special K Grannola Cereal $2.39
  • $5/4 Manufacturer HERE
  • $1/1 Target Coupon HERE
  • Use $5/4 Man Q with 4 Target Qs *Makes $0.14 each*
4 Friskies Party Mix $1.32
  • $2/2 Manufacturer from 11/15 SS
  • $1/2 Target Coupon HERE
  • Use $2/2 Man Q with $1/2 Target Q *FREE*
  • To be honest, I'm not sure about this deal. It's worked for me twice now but the Target Q says Manufacturer Coupon too so I'm not sure whether this should be treated like a Target Q and stacked or not, but try it if you want. Worked for me on two different visits now.
1 Reynolds Aluminum Foil $2.33 (still couldn't find the $1.49, but I need some so I went ahead)
  • $1/1 from Booklet (hmmm I think I found this at Bilo on the stand where they keep the ads) *Makes $1.33*
  • You can use a $0.50/1 HERE
Total OOP: $2.63 (Should have been $1 less but they only scanned 3 of my Kellogg's coupons)


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